July 14, 2024


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Farmers Are Facing Huge Problems For Water In Cultivation At Maharanipur Rabicharan Para, Teliamura.

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Water is very essential for efficient farming. But the water pump machine provided for the convenience of farmers has not been releasing water for the last four to five years at South Maharanipur Rabicharan Para, of Mungiakami Rd Block, Teliamura. Water is not being released due to indifference of the pump operator.

According to the details, South Maharanipur Rabicharan Para under DWS Office of Mungiakami Rd Block, Teliamura was given a water pump machine during the previous Government to facilitate the farmers for irrigation of agricultural land in the concerned area.  But for the past four to five years due to the indifference of the pump operator in the concerned area, water is not being released through the water pump machine in South Maharanipur Rabicharan para. Although the DWS office of the concerned area has been repeatedly informed about this, they are playing the role of silent spectators without taking any action. Due to which the poor farmers of the respective areas who used to support their families by farming are currently facing huge problems for water while doing farming. The poor farmers of the concerned area have complained that water pumps were installed in this area for the convenience of the farmers, but due to the indifference of the pump operator working in the concerned DWS office for the last four to five years, water is not released through this pump, as a result of which the farmers of that area cannot cultivate any kind of crops. At present, the only demand of the poor farmers of the concerned area is to release water to the agricultural land of their area with this water pump immediately. Now the residents of South Maharanipur Rabicharan para are looking to see what kind of steps the department takes in this regard, thinking about the poor farmers of the concerned area.

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