June 24, 2024


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Farmers Express Frustration Over Water Crisis In Teliamura.

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Teliamura, 17th of May, 2024 : Farmers expressed concerns over water crisis. Various vegetable fields are dying before maturity. Worries on the forehead of the farmers. The water department has no action to solve the problems of the farmers. Teliamura sub-division area in Tripura state is quite famous for vegetable cultivation.

Teliamura’s farmers fulfill the demand of vegetables from different parts of the state for many years. But due to lack of sufficient water, farmers are hindered in growing crops on the land. A farmer of Baish area under Teliamura sub-division agriculture department has cultivated Ridge gourd, Pointed Gourd and Easel Gourd in his land.

But due to the lack of irrigation water in the land, a farmer is worried. In the interacted with media, he said that this year he has faced loss due to nature’s aversion. Because there is no rain, the crops are not growing well due to lack of water. Besides, the crops are getting scorched by the intense heat of the sun. Naturally, the farmer expressed concern that he would face losses by cultivating crops this year.

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