April 14, 2024


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Farmers Getting Benefit Of The FCI Purchase Of Paddy At Cheap Prices.

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The farmers of the State are getting the profit as the Government purchase paddy from the farmers at cheap prices through The Food Corporation of India (FCI). All the farmers are happy with this. Like other years, this year and through FCI, the Government has started buying paddy from the farmers. On Thursday (20th July, 2023), the process of purchasing this paddy started in Teliamura Agri Produce Market from morning.

However, it is worth noting that Teliamura sub-division food department is receiving much less paddy than the target amount of paddy purchased from the farmers. As a reason for this, a farmer said that due to the purchase of paddy by the Government, farmers can see the face of profit after a long time. On the other hand, the purchase of paddy by traders in the open market is decreasing. As a result, unscrupulous traders are purchase paddy from farmers’ homes at higher prices. So that the paddy stock is reduced by the Government. At a later time, those unscrupulous traders can sell that paddy at the price they want. It is also believed that some farmers are also falling into the trap of these unscrupulous traders. 

In that case, a section of the farmers felt that FCI was purchasing paddy from the farmers by deducting one part weight per quintal of paddy at the time of measurement. As a result, they are suffering some damage. On the other hand, unscrupulous trader is trying to use this opportunity. Farmers want no part of them to be left out while measuring the weight. Then the farmers will get equal price on the one hand and will not fall into the traps of the traders on the other hand. And there will be no question of shortage of Government stock. Official of Teliamura sub-division food department said that all the farmers who were supposed to bring paddy have not come so far. However, he hopes that all the farmers will take this opportunity of the Government this year like last year.

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