June 22, 2024


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Farmers Suffered Loss Due To River Embankment Collapses.

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Farmers who suffered loss due to river embankment collapses. Due to continuous rains for a few days, the water of Khowai river is increasing and the farmers are facing problems. In Baishgharia area of Teliamura a Sub-division, the bridge started breaking due to swelling of river Khowai. As a result, a part of the agricultural land along the river goes into the river. In this, the crops cultivated in the land and the land sink into the river. Due to the loss, the farmer family is now demanding help from the government. It is noted that there are many lands across Khowai river in Teliamura Baishgharia area, where their families have been supporting themselves for many years by farming.

Complaining on behalf of the affected family, they said that during the last dry season, a temporary embankment was created in the Khowai River due to low water in the place where the drinking water of the Khowai River is collected from Teliamura area. Now as the water in the river rises, the velocity of the water is obstructed by the temporary embankment and exerts pressure on the cultivated land. As a result, the river bank breaks due to the speed of water. As a result of this, a part of the cultivated land goes to the Khowai river, the farmer family also complained.

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