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Fearful Conflict Over Land Property. 

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Dharmanagar, 11th of December 2023 : Enormous dispute between the two families over land property has created panic situation in Dharmanagar. Due to dangerous attack one of them was sent to Silchar with bleeding wounds. This bloody incident took place on Monday afternoon due to a dispute over land property. After finding a victim critical he was first taken to Dharmanagar Hospital and then sent to Silchar Medical College in a bleeding condition after having his head cracked by strong hit with a iron bar.

In the details of the incident, it is known that the residents of Dhupirabandh village panchayat under Yuvrajnagar block of Dharma Nagar had been squabbling over property for 7-8 years. On Monday afternoon, when Moinul Haque was returning home with his son Raul Uddin and his wife, they have been stopped with car when they arrived in front of Jasim Mia’s house. The miscreants have dropped Moinul Haque and hit him on the head and various parts of the body. Besides, Moinul was looted two and a half lakh rupees that was with him and also took away his mobile phone. Moinul Haque’s son Rahul Uddin also beat up including his mother. Rahul Uddin brought his father to North District Hospital in Dharmanagar from where doctors on duty sent Moinul Haque to the outside state as he was in a critical condition. Meanwhile, Raul Uddin said that those who have beaten them were his aunty’s son and other relatives. Rahul Uddin filed a case in Dharmanagar police station in this regard. His aunty’s son Jasim Mia, Hasim Mia, Shahrul Islam, Hasna Begum, Zairoon Bibi and Hira Mia jointly attacked them. The victims filed a case with the police alleging that they looted two and a half lakh rupees. The police recovered the bloody iron bar and clothes from the area and brought them to the police station.

Moreover, the accused brought the defendants and started interrogation. The situation in the area came to a standstill. According to Raul Uddin, his aunty’s son and others were supposed to go to court but instead of going to court, they deliberately sat in the east planning to attack them. The police has started proper investigation over this incident.

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