July 14, 2024


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Flower Brooms Jhumias Allege, Not Getting A Fair Price.

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Teliamura, 11th of February 2024 : There is a demand for flower brooms in the state, outside the state and even in the international markets. By fulfilled the demands of the state, flower brooms are being swept in the outside state. Whatever it is, flower brooms is basically a forest resource of this state. Especially the Jhumias of the state have been collecting flower brooms from the forest areas of the state and marketing them in the village or city markets since time immemorial. These flower brooms are marketed by Jhumias but they don’t get a fair price.

Interacting with media the seller said, flower broom business basically runs for two or three months. Jhumia sells each flower broom at the rate of 25 rupees to the traders. Now the traders sell flower brooms at exorbitant prices which are beyond the affordability of the people. The forest department does not levy any tax on these forest resources. As a result, the businessmen are doing this flower broom sweeper business as they like.

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