June 15, 2024


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Giri People Cultivates Sesame Like Other Crops Of Jhum.

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Giri people cultivates sesame like other crops of Jhum. Giri people cultivate this sesame in the hills. Sesame seeds also have considerable demand in the market. But the farmers said that they do not get the right price by cultivating this sesame seed in the market. Like other years, the Jumia family cultivated sesame in this tribal settlement area of Ranggiatila under Mungiakami Rd Block, Buddhiram of Atharamura (Hachuk Beram), Giri people of Hazrapara. They usually earn their livelihood by cultivating Jhum. Although MGNREGA gets work and ration material. The demand of the people in sesame cultivation is to get the seeds of agricultural crops of Jhum cultivation from the Government. Like other years, this year too Jhum is cultivating sesame seeds. Cultivated sesame seeds are now mature and there are few more months left.

Among them, one Jhumia has also planted banana trees to support the family. He said that he had planted this banana tree on his own initiative. He also said that he is earning some money by selling in the market. By selling this banana in the family of scarcity, it helps financially. On the other hand, talking about sesame cultivation, he said that the farmers do not get the right price by selling this sesame in the market. As always, these sesame farmers are worried about facing financial loss.

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