June 15, 2024


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Government Teachers To Continuing Private Tuition At Teliamura.

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Terming Government school teachers as the objectionable, the Tripura Government warned them to immediately stop private tuition. All the District Education Officers have been instructed to enquire the officers posted in the concerned districts action against the teachers who are engaged in private tuition or private teaching activities. But Jayanta Roy Government teacher of Saradamayee Vidyapith Higher Secondary School continuing private tuition till now.  A few days ago, Government teacher Jayanta Roy, after a report was presented in the name of he demanded  whatever government guidelines come, he doesn’t care, no one can do anything. Finally, on Tuesday, it was proved that he is asserting his power as per his words, he continuing private tuition till now. But the education department and the administration not action against him. According to information on Tuesday Government teacher Jayanta Roy went to the house of teacher’s house in Shantinagar area of Teliamura and was seen he giving teach.

In the first instance while answering the questions of the journalists, the clever teacher Jayanta said  someone else is doing the teaching work in his house, although in the later time Jayanta turned from the answer he gave after being bombarded with one question after another. Now he kept saying,, he is giving free education to students. He was speaking as if the ever-smiling wise would surpass even Mother Teresa’s example in social service. In front of the teacher, few of his students were demanding on camera that their come to this Jayanta sir for taking private education day after day.

The other issues that have come up are like this, Jayanta sir keeps issuing in the school if he does not study, he will see how he will pass or how he will get the number of the project in examination. In other words, the teacher takes the form of power and wants to say continuously if he does not read the private, then the students will be deprived of the projector number in the secondary school. So a large number of students and parents are forced to take shelter of Jayanta sir, the news is like this.

The correspondent has spoken to some officials of the education department about the whole matter and they have also claimed that they also have extensive information and within a few days the process of taking legal action against the concerned teachers is underway.

Now, government school teachers like Jayanta Sir are repeatedly issuing saying that no matter, no one can do anything, the private tuition will continue, and on the other hand, the school inspectors-administrators are demanding that action will be taken against this unethical practice, now the rest is waiting for time.

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