June 15, 2024


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Hon’ble Mayor Of AMC Dipak Majumder Attended “G20 Urban 20 Mayoral Summit” At Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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Hon’ble Mayor, Agartala Municipal Corporation Dipak Majumder attended “G20 Urban 20 Mayoral Summit” at Ahmedabad, Gujarat on 07-08 July 2023. Agartala is one of the 20 Indian Cities designated as “Observer Cities” by G20. 35 Mayors from different G20 countries & about 50 Mayors from Indian Cities attended the summit. The summit is culmination of Urban 20 cycle for India’s 2023 G20 presidency. The Summit will conclude with handover of the U20 Communique to Leaders of the G20.

The Summit focused on 6 thematic areas

1. Rethinking Planning & Governance Framework

2. Encouraging Environmentally Responsible Behaviour

3. Catalysing Digital Futures

4. Accelerating Climate Finance

5. Championing Local Culture & Economy

6. Ensuring Water Security.

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