May 25, 2024


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Husband Filed Bloodied Wife, Father-In-Law Died Of Heart Attack On The Spot.

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Khowai, 13th of May, 2024 : During the meeting, the wife was bloodied by the husband’s complaint. Seeing the horror of the incident, the father-in-law died of a heart attack on the spot. This sensational incident took place on Monday afternoon in North Durganagar village under Khowai police station. After the incident, the police of Khowai women’s police station arrested the accused husband Anup Sen (32). On the other hand, Jaya Das (20), a housewife who was seriously injured in the attack, the doctor on duty referred them to Agartala GB Hospital from Khowai District Hospital for better treatment. 

According to the details of the incident, one and half year ago, Khowai was socially married to Anup Sen, a youth from North Durganagar, with Jaya Das, daughter of Nirulal Das, a resident of Shanmura area of Agartala East Police Station. After a few days of marriage, Anup suspected his wife of adultery. The housewife was beaten several times earlier at her in-laws house. And several times the arbitration meeting was held with the people of the area. After being fine for some time, brutal torture on the wife started again.

Housewife Jaya Das said that a meeting was held at her in-laws’ house in North Durganagar on Monday at 3 pm regarding the incident of gradually beating her. The meeting was attended by Nirulal Das, the housewife’s father, her two uncles along with the area councilors and neighbors. In the meeting, it was decided that the housewife Jaya Das will go to her father’s house for a few days. If husband Anup Sen’s mindset is right then he will come again. According to the decision of the meeting, when the housewife Jaya Das ready to go home, Anup Sen hit her on the head with a knife from behind.

After the incident, Nirulal Das, the girl’s father, saw the housewife lying bleeding on the ground and died of a heart attack at the house of the girl’s in-laws. Both were brought to Khowai District Hospital after the incident. The injured housewife needs 10-12 stitches on her head. The doctor on duty referred them to Agartala GB Hospital from Khowai District Hospital for better treatment. While in the hospital, Jaya Das did not know that her father Nirulal Das had died of a heart attack. Housewife Jaya Das has a five-month-old baby. Due to this incident, a shadow of great grief fell in North Durganagar area.

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