July 17, 2024


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Indian Olympic Champion Neeraj Chopra’s Exciting Winter Swiss Diaries.

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, 14th of March 2024 : When Olympic Javelin gold medallist Neeraj Chopra recently took a break from his gruelling schedule, he chose to spend time exploring different experiences in Switzerland to refresh his mind and body!

He experienced the magic of a white winter exploring Lucerne’s old-world charm and the adrenaline high of the winter adventure activities at Engelberg. At Interlaken, where he was honoured with a plaque at the Ice Palace in Jungfraujoch, he learnt to make his own chocolate followed with a visit to Zurich, a bustling city surrounded by lakes and mountains, where he met his idol —Roger Federer!


Neeraj’s first stop was the Gateway of Switzerland – Lucerne, that was covered in a blanket of snow when he visited. Nestled in the heart of the country, Lucerne boasts attractions such as the iconic Chapel Bridge and the Swiss Museum of Transport. During his stay in Lucerne, he also got to participate in the Lilu Light Festival — a 10-day captivating festival that features artists from around the world showcasing diverse luminous facets of light art through light shows and installations.


His next destination was Engelberg – one of the top 10 ski regions of the country that makes for an ideal getaway for both summer and winter tourists. No trip to Engelberg is complete without a visit to the iconic Mount Titlis, and Neeraj was no exception. He reached the summit by the TITLIS ROTAIR which is the world’s first rotating cable car. Neeraj’s glacial adventure took him 3,041 metres above sea level on the Titilis Cliff walk, Europe’s highest suspension bridge! Also tried the iceflyer – a skilift which flies over the glacier and had a meal in the mountain hut at Stand and then visted the snow x park where he enjoyed snow toys like tubing as well as the thrilling snow x bikes.


Interlaken, a perfect destination for thrill seekers like Neeraj, was the next stop on his winter trip itinerary. He enjoyed a diverse range of activities, including skydiving, paragliding, tobogganing, and skiing. Interlaken also serves as the gateway to Jungfraujoch, famously recognized as the ‘Top of Europe’ where Neeraj was honoured with a plaque in his name at the Ice Palace commemorating his excellence in sports.

The Jungfrau Railways also added Neeraj Chopra to their Wall of Fame, alongside esteemed stars such as Roger Federer and Rory McIlroy, to name a few. For those gathered to meet him, he showcased his javelin-throwing skills and also donated his Javelin to the Ice Palace. He also visited the alpine splendor and had a meal at the Crystal restaurant on Jungfraujoch.

Chopra also tried his hand at chocolate making at the Funky Chocolate Making, and also indulged in the Winter Kayak experience in the nearby Lake Brienz.


Neeraj ended his Swiss holiday at Zurich, a diverse city perfect for history buffs as well as for those who love the convenience of living in a city with easy access to nature’s lakes and mountains close by. This visit held a special significance for Neeraj as he had the privilege of meeting the one and only tennis legend Roger Federer, who also happens to be Neeraj’s inspiration.

During his time in Zurich, Neeraj didn’t miss the opportunity to explore another sport and tried his hand at Bocce Ball, locally referred to as petanque. Expressing his thoughts on his Winter Trip Neeraj said, “Travelling to Switzerland in winter has been a whole new experience this January! I cannot believe how distinctly the seasons change the landscape of Switzerland, making it look like a whole new country altogether! There are so many winter activities to try out when you visit Lucerne, Interlaken, Engleberg, Titilis or Jungfrau. Snow-tubing, sledging, SnowXpark, city-biking, Ice swimming, winter paragliding and winter kayaking! You name it, you’ll find it here! From the mouth-watering and soul-warming winter delicacies like fondue to Switzerland’s unique winter festivals like the Lilu Light Festival or its museums such as the amazing transport museum, you’ll never have a moment to spare when travelling here in winter! For me, the highlight of my trip was meeting the legend and my idol — Roger Federer! I have been so inspired by his career and achievements that I hope and aspire to leave behind as impressive a legacy as him!

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