May 28, 2024


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Indigenous People Appreciated Manoj Dasgupta.

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Those who are dedicated genuine service provider certainly accepting all kinds of troubles to accomplish their duties. Those public service provider accept various risks to generate comfort for helpless needy people and obtain appreciation across the world. According to Reang community, Manoj Dasgupta, emergency medical technician of Ampi CHC is performing his duties in very difficulties in remote indigenous habitations and faming well. In several cases he has inspired his staff how to accomplish the fundamental duties in troublesome circumstances in remote indigenous locations.

As per the report, one indigenous pregnant woman named Jakhamrong Reang (35) W/O Goyaram Reang under Ekjan Chara VC in Gomati Tripura was screaming in pain interior a backward location where there is no favourable circumstance to take vehicle and provide medical service to people. But when Manoj Dasgupta was informed over the critical situation of the pregnant woman whose time already has arrived he rushed to Ramjuha Reang Para with a driver named Sankar Datta. It was raining constantly and there was no way to approach the woman’s house. The spirited staff nurse avoided all kinds of obstacles and went on foot to the woman house and provided all kinds of assistance what were required for her and accomplished a successful delivery in her house. Later on they have brought the mother and her baby son who were found physically fit to Ampi CHC. The local people have applauded the achievement of the emergency medical technician who alone completed all deeds and made the delivery successful. Local indigenous people came to know regarding his achievement and was highly pleased. They have thanked him for his philanthropic contribution for the indigenous communities. 

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