May 30, 2024


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IPFT Conducted Press Meet.

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Ampi, 6th of May, 2024 : With the initiative of Ampi block IPFT organization a crucial press meet has been organized here in Ampinagar in Gomati Tripura today. The IPFT Ex. MLA of Ampinagar 41 constituency Sindhu Chandra Jamatia has taken active participation in the press meet.

During his interaction with the journalist he said, “Our vision is to generate better academic infrastructure for the indigenous communities in Ampinagar 41  constituency and for this reason we have brought Ekalavya school in Ampi block. To create good school management many computer sets have been distributed by me in my tenure in almost all schools; in private English Medium including government Bengali medium institutions. We have constructed 10  passenger sheds for the benefit of the common people. RCC foot bridges have been constructed for the better communication status in rural areas. In my tenure new market buildings have been managed for the better trading acceleration in Chechua market and Nagarai market. We have given new roads to the deprived villagers. In my 5 years tenure I was always engaged with the welfare work implementation for the indigenous people of my block.”

To focus over the achievement during his tenure Sri Sindhu Chandra Jamatia has said that the IPFT organization is an indigenous favoured organization which is fully dedicated to generate prosperity for the needy and deprived indigenous hamlets. IPFT organization has more excellent vission for the poor indigenous communities and if opportunities appear then definitely we will approach to fulfil our desired targets in future. 

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