June 15, 2024


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IPFT Joining Programme In Ampi.

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In two different location under Ampi 41 constituency total 93 voters from 22 families have come under the banner of IPFT organization in Gomati Tripura. Under the leadership of the local IPFT candidate of Ampi 41 constituency Sindhu Chandra Jamatia people are joining IPFT organization constantly here and there in Ampinagar 41 constituency rapidly.

As per the report, in Nelsi village under Baishyamani VC 59 voters from 12 families have left TIPRA Motha and joined IPFT organization. In the other hand, total 34 voters from 10 families in Chechua have come under the banner of IPFT party here in Chechua VC under Ampinagar RD block in Gomati Tripura. The present MLA of the Ampi 41 constituency has accepted these new faces and inspired them to vote in IPFT organization in the coming election.

Under the leadership of Lalmungia Bongcher of Nelsi village total 59 voters from 12 families joined IPFT. On asking him he said, “We need local MLA from Ampi block area who will stay with us throughout the years and share sorrow and happiness proportional with us. We do not want MLA from outside who will not be able to provide proper public service as he will stay far away from us and we will face disadvantage to do communication or to stay in touch with him for our miscellaneous purposes. Local MLA is much better for us than the outsiders.”

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