April 17, 2024


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Jhum Cultivation Not As Expected In This Year, Taro Only Earn Their Living.

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Teliamura, 28th of March, 2024 : The tribal Giri’s earn their livelihood by cultivating Jhum. Located ADC Village under Mungiakami RD Block, Teliamura. Hilly region located slightly inside the 47 mile area.  Jhum cultivation in not as expected in this year. Jhumias hope only the taro of the forest. So the Jhumias are trying to support the family by collecting the taro on the forest and selling them. Like every year, last year also they cultivated Jhum. But the yield was not as expected in last Jhum cultivation. As a result, Jhumia faced financial problems. They are forced to try to find alternatives. Unable to find a way, they collecting the taro the forest from the mountains.

Interacted with them, One Jhumia said that they are collecting the taro from the forest, it to make mocha, then re-shaping the mocha and selling it in the market. Jhumia Kalankini Reang and Khudiram Reang also said that they are earning by selling, Jialcherra and Teliamura in the market. Even if it is sold 100 per kg, it is not enough.

They are struggling to support their families.  But it has to be done in the urge to raise the family. Jhumia families are facing financial problems as a result of last year, Jhumia did not do well. As a result, having to work in other’s rubber garden or other house. In other years, the family was supported by cultivating rice, gourd, sesame etc. But last year due to bad weather, Jumia families are facing financial loss. Jhumia family members expressed hope that they will get some relief from this problem if they get help from the government.

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