April 23, 2024


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Joint Meeting For Synergy And Enhanced Coordination To Curb Drug Menace In Tripura.

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Agartala, 6th of January 2024 : In a proactive move to address the escalating challenge of drug menace in Tripura, a joint State level Anti-Narcotics operational group meeting was organized in Agartala Sector of Assam Rifles on 06 Jan 2024. The meeting served as a platform for inter-agency coordination at functional level to devise effective strategies to undertake operation under NDPS Act.

Post outbreak of ethnic riots in Manipur on 03 May 2023, there has been a shift in the smuggling of drugs/contraband items from Myanmar due to non-availability of traditional routes through Manipur. Due to Kuki-Zo-Chin affinity existing along the Mizoram-Myanmar border and the Free Movement Regime (FMR), smuggling of drugs through Mizoram to South Assam/Tripura is being exploited by the UGs/Drug cartels. Recent seizures along these routes are the indicators of the potential threat in future. In addition, Tripura is also emerging as a major ganja production region and a large quantity of ganja has been seized in the State by multiple agencies. The meeting, brought together representatives from various sectors, including customs department, law enforcement agencies, local government bodies, int agencies & State Police with a collective aim to pool resources, expertise, and insights to develop a comprehensive approach against the drug menace in Tripura.

All key stakeholders undertook brain storming session and exchanged ideas on understanding the current situation, implementing measures, and fostering synergy among agencies. All agencies emphasized the importance of a united front to tackle this pressing issue and highlighted the need for sustained efforts to create a drug- free environment in Tripura. This synergetic cooperation in the collective pursuit of curbing narcotics & psychotropic substances by all stakeholders is a novel step towards curbing the drug menace in society.

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