May 30, 2024


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Kaipeng Rai Kumvei 2024 Preparatory Meeting Organized.                           

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Ampi, 25th of January 2024 : Asung Working Committee, YKA & KSU have unitedly conducted a Kaipeng society meeting here in Lungkam Para under Jampuijala in Sepahijala district. The meeting was led by Kaipeng Rai Asung-Working Committee. Targeting to successful accomplishment of upcoming 96th Rai Kumvei 2024 Mela of the Kaipeng tribe the Asung Working Committee, YKA and KSU unitedly taken active participation in this crucial meeting and exchanged their views respectively in this Rai Kumvei Preparatory meeting. The three organizations of the Kaipeng tribe YKA, KSY & AWC have generated a unique integration among themselves through this significant society meeting and taken oath to implement any kind of society programme by maintaining solid unity among their social organizations ahead. Sources said, these three organizations were working separately earlier but onwards now they will move together for their social progress. The Kaipeng Rai has appealed all the participants present in the programme to give value over Kaipeng Traditional heritage, costumes and culture. He emphasized over the integration to gain any social achievement. He requested the Kaipeng social committees and youths to stay unitedly to make the upcoming Rai Kumvei fest 2024 successful and appreciable. Rai has appealed all the Kaipeng people to attend Rai Kumvei fest, the biggest and largest festival of the Kaipeng tribe which will be held from 14th to 16th of February, 2024 at Lungkam Para, Jampuijala.

The YKA senior leaders cum senior  Advisor Sri Hengzoliana Kaipeng has  highlighted over the duties and responsibilities of the Kaipeng social organizations who will lead the society into a correct direction. To avail good achievement YKA & KSU should be affiliated with the Asung-Working Committee, he said. The Kaipeng Students Union(KSU) Advisory board chairman Sri B.K Kaipeng advised the youths to form NGOs, Joint Coordination Committee to bring one platform for greater unity and good cooperation and understanding to work effectively together for the development of the tribe. The Kaipeng Society Gen.Secy Sri V.L Khom Kaipeng motivated the youths over the ideal life and drug free society. The Society Working Committee President Sri Mandel Kaipeng gave a brief reports of Rai Mela and inspired the Kaipeng people over their precious traditional culture and heritage. He emphasized over the preservation of the Kaipeng culture and heritage for the next generation. Kaipeng Society Working Committee vice President Sri Dinheilal Kaipeng has created genuine sense over the social development,  customary law and traditional social fashion of the Kaipeng tribe and instructed the educated youths to work under supervision of the Kaipeng Rai Asung-Working Committee.

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