May 29, 2024


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Locals Opposed NBCC Road Carpeting Implementation.        

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Ampi, 9th of April 2024 : To notice the NBCC road carpeting status indigenous locals people became angry. The NBCC road carpeting implementation in Gamaku village under Ampi block in Gomati Tripura is going on now. When locals came to know that the agency is implementing very poor quality of maintenance they rushed to the spot and there was a big alternation with the agency. Indigenous people found that the work is very poor quality without stone chips and they opposed the work. They have turned out the carpeting with hand in many places and  accused the agency for doing hypocrisy with the simple indigenous villagers. The third class maintenance has created great resentment amidst the local indigenous people of the area. The road which connect Ampi with Bishkilo village is very important for the daily movement of the Reang mountaineers of Ravan Para, Bishkilo and Kunaram Para. The Reang dominated villages like Doctor Singh Para, Kunaram Para, Ravan Para and Gamaku Para are using this road in their daily life. Villagers are in great wrath over the worst carpeting implementation on this road.

The NBCC agency is implementing carpeting which is very thin and bad quality of materials are using in maintenance which will be washed away just after rain, locals said. They are applying bad materials on carpeting which will not last even several months. The road carpeting is very lose, thin and not fixing at all. Allegation rose over the concerned NBCC authority that when central government is providing much fund to construct suitable solid road for the indigenous people in rural areas then why the agency is not using good materials on this road? Due to worst condition of this road these Reang people are suffering much for communication throughout the years.  The concerned higher authority must visit the road to investigate the status of the carpeting implementation and take appropriate step to stop like this duplicate implementation on this road, demanded the local people of the area.

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