July 12, 2024


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Maiganga Residents Suffering Roads, Drinking Water.

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Teliamura, 30th of June, 2024 : The roads play an important role in improving the socio-economic system of an area and the communication system of the area. Due to worst condition of the most useful road the village of Maiganga, Tribal Welfare, Statistics Minister Bikash Debbarma  area under 29 Krishnapur Assembly Constituency are suffering too much in this rainy season. All villagers are the worst victim for road woes since the left era. The villagers are also suffering constantly for drinking water in last many decades.

Some local villagers said,  “We are the worst victim of this dilapidated road and suffering constantly for drinking water in last many decades. We face dangerous problem to walk and drive vehicles on this damaged road. Due to broken condition of the road it is very risky for vehicle movement. In this rainy season we face fearful condition on this muddy road”. The local villagers also added that they do not know who is the representative of the people in their area. In fact, when development is going on in different constituency of the state, the development of Krishnapur Assembly has completely stalled.

As soon as possible the concerned authority must take proper step to provide relief the victim villagers. The concerned authority must visit the road and interact with the local villagers to take an appropriate step for solving this communication problem, solve the drinking water crisis for these remote areas demanded  the local villagers people of the locality.

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