February 23, 2024


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Makar Sankranti Celebrated With Gaiety & Pious Mood.

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Amarpur, 15th of January 2024 : The Makar Sankranti festival 2024 has been celebrated here at Ampinagar with traditional ritual way today. On this special Sankranti occasion women were found very busy for their household works from the very cool morning of the day. All most all villagers were found joyous and excited to observe the fest. They have done special additional marketing to celebrate the occasion .

The both Bengali and Tribal ladies  have got up very early today and cleaned the surrounding of their houses and drawnmany drawings with rice paste in their house yards and floors. After a special home cleanliness completion  family women prepared different kinds of dishes ,sweets ,cakes and other delicious food items to worship the Sun God as well as to feed the family members and guests on this occasion. They have visited house to house in their neighbourhood and shared each to other the happiness of the festival.

According to ritual process the ladies have to worship  the Sun God in the morning first and that is why they have taken bath very early in this terrible winter with devotional mood. They have offered various occasional prepared food items to the Sun God and prayed for family welfare and prosperity. In every family there is a preparation to arrange Loot which is  organized in the yard of a family where there are plenty of Loot items such as orange ,apple, pear, coconut, cucumber, sugar cakes, bananas, sweets and many other items thrown into the air.

The village people form many teams who visit house to house by singing religious song for catching those Loot items with boundless pleasure and excitement. Small children have  organized picnic team to celebrate  Makar Sankranti by making Budir Ghar. Many people have gone to nearby tourist spot Dumbur to celebrate Makar Sankranti with their family members and friends for additional pleasure and enjoyment .

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