May 28, 2024


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Mega Initiative For Bamboo Plantation Under Nabard Tribal Development Fund.

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Ms. Patal Kaniya Jamatia, the Minister of State & Chairperson of TRPC, held a significant motivational programme with 200 beneficiaries in Amarpur block under Gomati Tripura today. The primary agenda of this programme was to discuss over mega project implementation; an ambitious bamboo plantation project aimed at promoting bamboo as a sustainable livelihood and a source of green energy. The project is being executed in collaboration with the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Nabard) and the registered Tripura-based green technology startup, Raado Bamboo Welfare Corporation.

Bamboo has long been recognized as a versatile and environmentally friendly resource, offering a multitude of uses from construction to energy production. Under the Nabard Tribal Development Fund, this project is set to harness the potential of bamboo to benefit the local communities in Amarpur Block, while also contributing to green energy initiatives.

Ms. Patal Kaniya Jamatia has expressed her enthusiasm for the project and emphasized its significance in advancing sustainable development and economic empowerment in the region. She stated, “Bamboo holds immense potential as a source of livelihood and green energy. This project aligns perfectly with our commitment to promote sustainable practices and uplift the tribal communities of Tripura.

Raado Bamboo Welfare Corporation, a local startup specializing in green technology solutions, will play a pivotal role in providing technical expertise and support for the bamboo plantation. Their involvement ensures that cutting-edge practices and eco-friendly technologies will be employed throughout the project.

The meeting concluded with a sense of optimism and commitment from both the beneficiaries and the government. The project is set to benefit the local tribal communities by creating job opportunities, fostering sustainable economic growth, and contributing to the green energy landscape of Tripura.

Raado Bamboo Welfare Corporation in Tripura is a green technology startup helping communities with bamboo homestead technology, training, and market connections for sustainable livelihoods and green energy. Through the interaction with the beneficiaries the concerned authority has noticed positive signal from the local people and it is expected that this project will shine well in future as well as fulfil the goal of the poor. 

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