May 28, 2024


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Miscreants Destroyed 7 Rubber Plantations At Taidu.​

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Just after the result of assembly election 2023 many rubber beneficiaries of Taidu locality faced great loss. As per the reports, total 7 rubber gardens of the villagers of Taidu have been destroyed pitilessly. Unknown miscreants set fire to rubber plantations in different areas and cut down rubber plants of many gardens of the local beneficiaries of Taidu at night.

Sources said, due to rival tendency of political issues miscreants are destroying people’ rubber plantations. The owners of rubber plantations are in great despair; they can not do any thing nor they can detect the miscreants. The concerned police authority also can not arrest any destroyer as when they enter into garden and cut tress or set fire to plantations nobody trace them. Rubber plantations are little away from the people habitations so, miscreants are freely destroying gardens without any obstacle. It is said that due to political rivalry all these things are happening.

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