May 28, 2024


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Mukhyamantri Samipeshu – Weekly Public Interaction Programme Of Hon’ble Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha.

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Mukhyamantri Samipeshu programme the weekly public interaction programme of Hon’ble Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha. The Chief Minister interacted with the common people about their issues and difficulties.

As the part, the Chief Minister’s weekly programme “Mukhyamantri Samipeshu’ on Wednesday (6th September, 2023), people of different profession in the state attended the programme. They spoke with the Chief Minister regarding their problems seeking assistance on various aspects such as medical treatment, financial assistant, education etc. Hon’ble Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha patiently listened to each of them and directed officials and Secretaries of concerned departments to take the necessary initiatives. Like other days today also the chief minister, in his official residence, listened to the grievances and complaints of people coming from different corners of the state. None of the visitors went back disappointed as the chief minister offered his support in one way or the other. Parbati Das from Jirania came to see the chief minister to seek help for treatment of her son who had been suffering from eye disease since childhood. Recently her son got treated in Kolkata but in few months he has to be taken there again. Husband of Parbati Das is a wage laourer as a result of which it has become difficult to afford proper treatment of their son. In this situation Parbati Das sought financial assistance for her son’s treatment. After examining the documents the chief minister directed Dr. Kanak Chowdhury of GBP Hospita to take necessary measures in this regard.

Haradhan Debnath from Agartala also sought financial assistance for treatment of his son. Twenty-one year old son of Haradhan Debnath, a daily wage earner, had suffered severe spinal injury in an accident. Prolonged treatment could not cure his condition and now they need more money to give him proper treatment. On their prayer for financial assistance the chief minister directed Dr. Kanak Chowdhury to take necessary measures in this regard. Malti Kuri from Aralia came to seek help for the treatment of her husband who is a cancer patient. Her husband is the only bread earner of their family. They do not have Ayushman card also. Resultantly they are not being able to meet the expenses of treatment. As such she sought assistance from the chief minister. Chief minister, on seeing the medical reports of her husband right away directed the medical superintendent of Atal Behari Bajpayee Regional Cancer Hospital to take necessary action on this. A petty trader Rajesh Bhadra from Bardowali came to seek help for his own treatment. In the recent past he had suffered a heart attack. At present he is under treatment in GBP Hospital and was advised Angioplasty. Due to financial constraints he is not being able to get proper treatment. On his prayer for financial assistance for treatment the chief minister directed Dr. Kanak Chowdhury to take necessary action on this.

In addition to treatment and health issues, the chief minister also gave necessary directions to solve several land and legal issues. At today’s Mukhyamantri Samipeshu programme among others were present Dr. Pradip Kumar Chakraborty, secretary to the chief minister, secretary of social welfare and social education Tapas Roy, secretary of primary education Ravel Hemendra Kumar and medical superintendent of Cancer Hospital Dr. S. Debbarma.

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