April 24, 2024


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Mungiakami Police Seized Trucks Carrying Wood At 41 Mile Area.

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Teliamura, 14th of February 2024 : Mungiakami Police seized three trucks carrying wood at 41 Mile area under Teliamura subdivision. One car was impounded by the police for not being able to pay. Such allegations were made against Mungiakami police station.

The incident happened last night in Mungiakami police station area at mile 41, on the National Highway. The trucks were impounded by police when was on night paroling. According to the details, on last night, the police of Mungiakami police station seized three vehicles loaded with wood. A mini truck bearing number is- TR06B1830. Among them, two cars were released in exchange of money. But the driver of one of the vehicles is unable to pay, the vehicle is impounded, alleged by the assistant who was in the impounded car. Later, the police of Mungiakami police station were forced to hand over the seized vehicle to the forest department.  

Locals alleged that illegal wood trade has been going on for a long time in a deal with the police. This matter is being dealt with by the senior police officer. In this case, the police impound all the cars that do not or cannot do cash. Also alleged that traders have been continuing their illegal business for a long time and the forest is constantly being destroyed. Such are the comments of various quarters. According to reliable sources, a constable of the police station is involved money exchange.  

Meanwhile, when Police office of Mungiakami police station was asked about the arrest of a car at night, he told about the arrest of a car. He did not mention anything about the other two cars in his speech. However, constable himself is continuing to earn illegal income without the knowledge of police officer, it has become a question. The police were able to arrest named Shamal Sarkar (Bagan Bazar), Jagannath Giri (Bagan Bazar) and Bijay Kumar Debbarma (North Maharanipur).

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