April 24, 2024


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New Halam Students’ Body Has Been Formed.

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The new Halam Students’ Body has been formed on Sunday (10th July, 2022). With the initiative of 12 indigenous tribes student’s unions from Halam community living in Tripura a mega Halam Students’ Body organization has been constituted here in Jhumtali community hall in Kailashahar, Tripura. The indigenous tribes from Halam community are Kaipeng, Molsom, Ranglong, Bongcher, Hrangkhawal, Kalai, Dap, Rupini, Marchephang, Thangachep, Karbong and Chorai. Targeting to create better unity, fraternity, exchange of social assistance and communal relationship amidst these​ 12 indigenous tribes of the Halam community this mega Halam students’ Body has been constituted. Aiming to promote safe and secured existence of the indigenous students as well as to preserve and protect the indigenous religion faith, culture, heritage and custom this organization will work for the integration of the community. Sources said that a great number of senior leaders from all tribes student’s unions have taken participation in this crucial​ Halam Students Federation of Tripura formation and after a long discussion this Halam Students’ Body organization has been formed unanimously in the present participants in the programme.

This students body has been formed for the period of three years term. The executive organization members are as follows:

1. President : Baikhanta Molsom 2.Vice president : Udaisuam Kaipeng,  3. General Secretary : Ruata Chorai,  4. Asst.Secretary : Lalchum Kaipeng, 5. Cultural Secret­ary : Parikshit Molsom, 6. Information Secretary : Joshi Kaipeng, 7. Org.Secretary : Hoichunlo Chorai.

As per the report, for perfect and smooth management some more executive members will be included soon and an Advisory Committee from each Students Unions will be declared soon after few days.

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