July 14, 2024


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Once Again, The Rampage Of The Elephants At Teliamura.

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Teliamura, 3rd of January 2024 : Once Again, the rampage of wild elephants took place under Teliamura Subdivision yesterday (2nd January, 2024) night. Last night, a group of wild elephants rampaged indiscriminately in the Chakmaghat Bazar Colony area. Locals alleged that a group of wild elephants went on rampage and caused extensive damage to agricultural crops including two houses. Although volunteer workers appointed by the forest department were present in the area at that time, they did not take any measures to prevent the rampant rampage of elephants. As a result, the herd of wild elephants rampage unhindered. The householders of the area suffered heavy losses. It is as if the local residents have to be busy with the fear of elephants on a daily basis.

Sources said, the meeting was held in the office of the Teliamura Subdivision regarding the issue of rampage by wild tusked elephants to resolve the issue. But soon after that meeting, the herd of wild elephants intensified their rampage. The condition of the people in the area is horrible. The people of the area, regardless of party affiliation, are not able to think what to do to solve this problem. However, the minister of the area, Bikash Debbarma, is quite adamant about the open rampage of wild tusk elephants. But even then this dire problem is not being solved. As a result, there is a lot of protest going on in 29 Krishnapur Assembly Constituencies.

As per the local sources, alleged that the employees of the forest department, they did not take any measures to prevent the rampant rampage of elephants. The affected farmer Ajit Debnath, a resident of Chakmaghat Bazar Colony area, said with anger that after getting the information of the incident, the forest personnel came to the spot and visited and returned to the office. Foresters have completely failed to solve the rampage of wild elephants. On the one hand, farmers are the breadwinners of the country, but now they are the ones facing losses.

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