June 18, 2024


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One Injured In Wild Elephant Attack At Krishnapur, Teliamura.

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Another person injured in an elephant attack at Jumbari area under Madhya Krishnapur Panchayat on Thursday night (24th August, 2023). According to the details of the incident, Niranjan Biswas (53), a resident of Officetilla area, was returning home after completing his field work in Jumbari area on Thursday evening. Niranjan Biswas was seriously injured by a wild elephant attack on the way. Although he was able to save his life, he could not return to his home from the spot due to his serious injuries.

Injured Niranjan Biswas said that he remained injured at that place all night.The family members did not find him much at night. It was not possible to go to the spot due to the fear of elephants. Afterwards on Friday morning, people found him injured on the Jumbari road and informed the fire brigade personnel over this occurrence. The fire service personnel arrived on the spot and​ immediately picked the injured person and brought to Teliamura where given medical treatment. As per the latest information, injured person are undergoing treatment at Teliamura hospital.

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