April 24, 2024


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Patel Engineering Ltd. Is Proud To Be The Partner Of India’s Landmark Infrastructure Marvel – The Sela Pass Tunnel Project Inaugurated By PM Narendra Modi.

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Patel Engineering Limited (NSE – PATELENG & BSE – 531120), A prominent provider of integrated infrastructure and construction services in India, as it enters its 75th year, is proud to announce the successful inauguration of the Sela Tunnel Project in Arunachal Pradesh, officiated by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. This milestone event marks a significant leap in India’s strategic infrastructure development, enhancing all-weather connectivity and facilitating rapid troop mobility in the region.

Valued at Rs. 650 crores, the Sela Tunnel stands as a testament to India’s unwavering commitment to fortifying border security and fostering regional economic growth.Under Project VARTAK of the Border Roads Organizations (BRO), the tunnel was constructed by Patel Engineering, incorporating advanced engineering techniques to overcome environmental and geographical challenges.The project includes the construction of a main tunnel T1 spanning a length of 1003.34m and a main tunnel T2 spanning a length of 1594.38m having an escape tunnel of 1584.38 m and a road spanning about 8.7 kilometers.

Patel Engineering’s selection for this project was based on its extensive experience and outstanding track record in managing intricate and large-scale projects. Known for being the preferred partner for critical projects of global significance, Patel Engineering’s resilience and operational excellence shine through in the successful completion of the Sela Tunnel Project.

The project’s completion was made possible by the dedicated efforts of a team comprising over 50 highly skilled engineers and a workforce exceeding 800 individuals. Despite harsh weather conditions, including temperatures dropping below -15 degrees Celsius in peak winter months, the team persevered, showcasing Patel’s unwavering commitment to government objectives.Patel’s commitment to the government’s objectives is evident in the creation of these vital transportation routes, notably the Sela Tunnel, which stands as the world’s longest bi-lane road tunnel at an elevation exceeding 13,500 feet.

This visionary infrastructure development not only facilitates the seamless deployment of troops and heavy weaponry by the Indian military to the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China but will also help the locals of Arunachal Pradesh who earlier used to be disconnected from the rest of India during winter months,underscoringPatel’s dedication to supporting the government’s focus on bolstering security and boosting economic development. The Sela Pass Tunnel plays a crucial role in enhancing India’s strategic and economic interests in the northeastern region, particularly in the context of strengthening infrastructure at the border and efforts to develop remote areas for both security and development purposes.

Mr. Rupen Patel, Chairman & Managing Director, Patel Engineering Limited said,Top of Form”We are truly honoured to be entrusted with this prestigious project, and we extend our sincere gratitude to the Prime Minister, Shri.Narendra Modi for this opportunity and trust.The Sela Pass project holds paramount importance for India’s growth, and we consider ourselves fortunate to be associated with such a pivotal initiative that aligns seamlessly with our commitment to contributing to India’s growth story. Patel Engineering is dedicated to focusing on hydropower, irrigation and tunnelling projects, leveraging our strong order book, and bringing our unparalleled expertise in infrastructure to the forefront. “

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The Sela Pass Tunnel strategically epitomizes cutting-edge technology designed to surmount environmental, geographical, and geological challenges. This ambitious undertaking underscores India’s commitment to narrowing the infrastructure gap and enhancing its strategic capabilities in the region. The tunnel project is a manifestation of India’s significant advancements in recent years, overcoming hurdles to align with the scale of China’s expansive infrastructure initiatives.

Patel Engineering is also currently working on one of India’s largest hydropower projects – Subansiri HEP of 2000 MW and recently was also awarded works for Dibang Multipurpose project having an installed capacity of 2880 MW.

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Patel Engineering Limited. (‘PEL’ or ‘Company’), is a 74-year company established in the year 1949, have evolved as a construction company specializing in the hydropower and irrigation segments. We are engaged in the construction of dams, bridges, tunnels, roads, piling works, industrial structures and other kinds of heavy civil engineering works and have executed a variety of infrastructure projects in the technology intensive areas like hydro power, irrigation and water supply, urban infrastructure, and transportation segments especially in tunnels and underground works for hydroelectric and transportation projects primarily as civil contractors. Top of Form

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