July 14, 2024


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Police Nabbed 2 Criminals With Drugs.

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The promptness of different kinds of drugs utility has been prevailed in Sabroom subdivision. Over the past few years, most of the youth of Sabroom sub-division have become addicted to drugs and Yaba tablets.

As per the report, several influential drug dealers of Sabroom are involved in delivering these drugs to the youth. Those who are running this business again under the cover of different drug business.  A few days ago, the police recovered a large quantity of drugs from Vivekananda Medical Hall in Sabroom.  Not only Vivekananda Medical Hall, but also drug sellers of Sabroom and some influential businessmen of Sabroom are engaged with illegal drugs business, sources said. Day by day these deadly drugs are spreading in Sabroom city.  Due to which parents are constantly coming to Sabroom police station and registering cases in the name of their sons.  OC Jayant Dey of Sabroom police station has formed a team which is constantly chasing drug dealers and drug users and while several drug dealers have been able to be caught, several big drug dealers have now taken cover elsewhere to escape from OC Jayant Dey from Sabroom. However, the police are still trying to catch them.  Sabrum Police Station OC Jayant Dey said that a list of several drug dealers has been prepared and they will be brought up in due course. On the other hand, it was around ten thirty on Saturday night two youths with brown sugar and yaba tablets were arrested by the police of Sabroom police station.

Their name is Abhijit Das, father- Utpal Das, other name- Subrata Das, father Krishnadhan Das. Both their houses are in Damdama area of ​​Sabroom.

On Saturday night, the police of Sabroom police station arrested these two drug dealers from the road adjacent to Foreign Liquor Shop on the road from Sabroom to Kanthal Chari.  The police searched their bike and recovered 11.10  grams of brown sugar and 77 Yaba tablets. OC Jayant Dey of Sabroom police station gave details about this today.

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