July 16, 2024


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Police Recovered A Dead Body Of A Youth.

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A dead body of a young boy was recovered early in the morning in Maharani. The dead youth has blood on his nose and mouth. The incident took place on Kenal Road adjacent to Jamtala Bridge under Maharani Out Post. The name of the dead youth is Mat Singh Jamatia alias Chikon Roy. Age approx 22 years. His house is in Dakmura area. The name of the dead youth’s father is Malindra Jamatia. Local people woke up on Monday morning and found him lying dead in front of a house. The news was given in Maharani Out Post. Initially, the identity of the dead youth was not known, but later after the inquiry, his real identity was known.

According to locals, the area where his body was found had never been seen him before. Locals speculate that maybe he was killed somewhere else and left the body here. Sources said that he was a day labourer. The police is investigating the case.

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