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Police Seized Vehicle, Arrested One Over Gas Cylinder Theft.

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Dharmanagar, 9th of November 2023 : The promptness of stealing gas cylinder has been active for a long time in Dharmanagar, the police of Dharmanagar police station seized a vehicle on this morning.

For a long time there were cases of theft of cylinders from gas cylinders filled agency’s vehicle in Dhupirband, Ramnagar, Uttakhali areas in Dharmanagar. Even though many cases were litigated about it, it was still going on as it was being stolen. Today on  Thursday morning, the police of Dharmanagar police station arrived at the time of cylinder theft in Tupiraband area after getting information. An Indian oil six-wheeler with 340 filled cylinders bearing vehicle number TR 05f 1783, an empty cylinder filled auto TR 05D 1753 were recovered from the area. The driver of the small auto was not able to escape and the driver of the truck Nasir has escaped but the police managed to arrest the co-driver Ashok Das. The car filled with cylinders and the auto with empty cylinders were brought to Dharmanagar police station by the police of Dharmanagar police station, and equipment for releasing gas was recovered from the car.

Sub-Divisional Police Officer Debashish Saha said that the search is on and the driver and co-driver of the big vehicle are being interrogated. Then it will be handed over to food and civil services. Police will take legal action against them after they finish investigating the entire incident. Moreover, another number plate of AS 25c 9207 was recovered from the truck. It is known that with the help of some illegal intellectuals, this area has been filled with empty gas cylinders instead of filled gas cylinders and is being supplied to different parts of the state for a long time. The owners of different gas agencies are getting filled cylinders as well as several empty cylinders in the vehicle instead of filled cylinders. Complaints have come from different gas agencies at different times to the department. But the administration was keen to find out what was going on behind the scenes as to how day after day vehicles were changing from full gas cylinders to empty cylinders instead of full ones. Now a source has come to the administration which will allow the administration to go further in their investigation.If the department investigate in the right direction then surely the concerned department can reach the destination of their goal.

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