June 15, 2024


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Police Seized Vehicle With Cattle. 

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Police detained a vehicle containing nine cattle in it at Anandabazar, Dharmanagar today. As per the report, the police administration is leaving no stone unturned in their duty to stop the ongoing cow smuggling in the state. But the smugglers are creating different new techniques to succeed in their smuggling goal. Cattle smuggling from Deochara and Ramnagar to Kailashahar and Fatikrai and thence to Bangladesh has become a very profitable business. No matter how strict the police administration is, the smugglers are always looking for new methods and new ways to continue their smuggling trade.  Policemen on duty at Anandabazar Naka Point detained a vehicle late on Tuesday night early Wednesday morning. Vehicle number TR 02L 1535. The name of the driver of the vehicle is Chalaman Miah. Tata Magic vehicle driver Chalaman Miah said that he was taking nine cattle of Faizul Mia, a resident of Tarapur in Fatikrai, from Ramnagar Bazar. This is the first time he has come to smuggle such cows.  He only knows the name of the cow’s owner Faizul Mia and his house, nothing else is known to him.

Meanwhile, the police of Dharmanagar Police Station said that after impounding the vehicle, the driver could not show any valid documents for carrying cows. So the vehicle along with the driver was brought to Dharmanagar police station.  And all nine cattle have been shifted to Goushala, but it is noteworthy that a cow scam has been going on for a long time in Fatikrai, Ramnagar, Deochara, even in the past days BSF and Tripura police have impounded many vehicles. The police authority is trying their best to stop the tendency of such cattle smuggling but they could not overcome the smugglers till today.

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