June 17, 2024


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Power Outages, Common People Suffering In Teliamura.

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Teliamura, 30th of May, 2024 : The people of Teliamura have been suffering for a long time due to Teliamura electricity employees. According to locals, the inefficient and irresponsible electricity corporations in the entire state is Teliamura Electricity Corporation.

In the last 2-3 days, the power service was severely disrupted due to the Cyclonic storm ‘Remal’ across the State, but within 20-24 hours, the power service was normalized in different parts of the State. But even though 3-4 days have passed since the effects of the storm have passed, the electricity service has not returned to normal in Teliamura. Even after the impact of the storm has passed, there has been no storm or rain for 1-2 days, due to the inefficiency of the workers of the Teliamura electricity department, the electricity is cut off in Teliamura and its surrounding areas almost every day at night. As a result, working people have to face a lot of hardships due to lack of electricity at night after a busy day’s work in the heat of this summer.

Due to the inefficient role of the electricity department, there has been anger in the public mind for a long time towards Teliamura Electricity department. And the expression of this anger may happen in the coming days of the source. The angry crowd faced the media and complained about the role of the Teliamura Electricity Department that almost every day, day and night, electricity disconnection occurs in Teliamura and its surrounding areas without any reason. It is alleged that an attempt was made to contact the Teliamura Electricity department emergency telephone number regarding electricity, but the phone was not received.

Even the angry people complained that after the electricity went off for no reason on Wednesday night at around 1 o’clock, when the phone was called to the electricity office, it was not received. Later, the angry people went to the Teliamura Electricity department office and saw that the telephone was ringing inside the Electricity department office but there was no one to answer it. The worker is not there. And the locals alleged that the employees working in the power office on night duty were in a drunken state inside the power office at that time.  On the other hand, due to non-receipt of phone calls from the electricity office, panic has arisen in the people, where will go for help in the event of an electrical emergency.

Although this type of report has been published many times before, it did not show any shame to the employees of Teliamura Electricity Corporation. As a result of which, the name of the State Government is being tarnished by such activities of Teliamura Electricity Corporation. What is to be seen today is what kind of steps the higher authorities of the State Electricity Corporation take to normalize the electricity service in Teliamura after the publication of this report.

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