July 12, 2024


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Power Outages, Common People Suffering In Luttamura Village, Narsingarh.

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Agartala, 17th of June, 2024 : The people of Luttamura village, Narsingarh have been suffering for a long time due to Co-operative, Natun Nagar, Agartala electricity employees. Angry Luttamura villagers surrounded the Co-operative, Natun Nagar Electricity office on Monday (17th June, 2024) evening. According to locals, the inefficient and irresponsible power corporations in the entire state is Co-operative, Natun Nagar, Electricity Corporation. Local villagers alleged that, even though there has been no storm or rain due to the inefficiency of the workers of the Co-operative, Natun Nagar power department, the electricity is cut off in Co-operative and its surrounding areas almost every day at night. As a result, working people have to face a lot of hardships due to lack of electricity at night after a busy day’s work in the heat of this summer, children can’t read, old aged senior citizens were facing suffering.

And the expression of this anger may happen in the coming days of the source. The angry crowd faced the media and complained about the role of the Co-operative Natun Nagar Electricity Department that almost every day, day and night, electricity disconnection occurs in Luttamura village, Narsingarh and its surrounding areas without any reason. It is alleged that an attempt was made to contact the emergency telephone number regarding electricity, but the phone was not received and after receiving some time, the authorities say that they are sending workers. The locals demanded that the immediate step to solve their problem.

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