April 22, 2024


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Proportional Evolution In Kaipeng Tribe.

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Ampi, 26th of January 2024.  The Kaipeng tribe which is belongs to Halam community is well known in Tripura. As an indigenous tribe they have their own language, costume, heritage and culture like the other tribes or communities in North East region of India. Though a portion of the tribe became Christian but still they love their own heritage, culture, food and costume and always in promptness to promote, protect and preserve their own identity. Those who became Christian they follow the western advanced culture and always in promptness to create prosperous social infrastructure to maintain a balance with others. They practice social function totally free from superstition. In the contrary the Hindu portion of the Kaipeng tribe follow the ancient social procedure for worshipping and social functional events.

In a Christin family wedding ceremony has been organized here in Binanda Para at Twidu under Ampi Nagar Gomati Tripura where the family guardian Bikash Kaipeng invited all Kaipeng inhabitants from different places of Tripura to be present in the wedding ceremony without any kind of discrimination over religious issues. There is a good fraternity visible between two religious faith in Kaipeng people. They move unitedly to implement any kind of social function. Many Kaipeng people from all over the state shared the happiness of the wedding ceremony maintaining positive fraternity between Hindu and Christian faiths. The wedding programme has been accomplished successfully in the presence of all attendees Christian or non Christian. There was a good unity amidst the Kaipeng people and they always maintain positivity and fraternity.

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