May 25, 2024


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Public Fingered Over The Poor Medical Service Of Ampi CHC.

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Amarpur, 7th of May, 2024 : Ampi CHC is sick itself, unable to provide good medical service to the people of the locality. Public has fingered over the poor medical service of Ampinagar hospital in Gomati Tripura. As per the local report, the hospital is going on in deficiency, specially medicines are always crisis in the hospital. Local sources said, this hospital does not have minimum medical service for the helpless patients. Patients have to buy everything from the medical store.

A local person named Bikram Kalai said, ” Ampi CHC does not have minimum medical facility here in the hospital. People are bound to buy syringe, toxide and other small articles from nearby medical store with their own money. Even it has not medicine for small pox treatment too. This hospital does not have X-Ray facility till the date. Different kinds of tests have to do out side with personal expenditure. On the other hand, villagers have raised strong allegation over the hygienic atmosphere status in hospital campus. Local pedestrians expressed strong dissatisfaction over the dirty surrounding of the hospital.

Sources said that  hospital toilet water in coming out to main Teliamura-Amarpur road just at main entrance of the hospital gate and spreading on the road where hundreds of people are walking daily. Nearby medical store keepers are facing great problem including customers. Unknowingly people are trading on this dirty water which came from hospital toilet. Local inhabitants of Ampinagar have expressed deep wrath over this dirty issue of the hospital. They have demanded immediate solution of this dirty environment created by the negligence of the hospital management. The concerned authority must visit the hospital and take immediate initiative to solve the issue. 

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