May 30, 2024


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Public Raised Allegation Over Poor Quality Of Road Construction.

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Public raised strong allegation over the poor quality of road construction in Sabroom. As per the local report, after the formation of the BJP-IPFT coalition government in 2018, the two leftist youth leaders of Sabroom joined saffron organization contracting with the tantric advice of a strong leader of Sabroom, who is known as the influential mini chief minister of South Tripura district of the current ruling party. Those two left youth leaders took the position of active leader in saffron organization. According to the villagers these two youth leaders of the Youth Front are Litan Basak and Bijan Majumder. Under these two leaders road construction of Sabroom PWD authority is going on in Madhya Para in Sabroom at present. After receiving information over the duplicate road construction press representative rushed to the construction site and observed the construction condition. This road is the only road to Madhya Para from Shuklal Debnath’s house to West Jalefa village panchayat along the Sabroom-Agartala National Highway.

Sources said, Bijan Majumdar is responsible for this bad repairing implementation of the road. When our representative spoke to the people of the area and the elected ward member of that panchayat about this road work, they said that the contractor had done half-built low-quality work according to his own will. The people of the area complained that the road renovation work which is going on in the area will never last in coming days. The members of the panchayat authority do not know over this road implementation, it has been initiated secretly without informing the local panchayat authority. The people of Sabroom have complained that budget misappropriation has created the duplicate road implementation. Ward Member of West Jalefa Village Panchayat, P.W.D. Executive Engineer Sabroom Division, Parva Kumar Tripura and general people of the area responsed negative reaction over the project implementation.

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