June 15, 2024


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Road Accident : Bike Collision, 2 Injured.

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Khowai, 29th of January, 2024 :  Once again, a dangerous bike accident occurred in Mahadevtila where 2 persons were injured this evening. As per the report, face-to-face collision between two bikes at Mahadevtila under Khowai police station of Khowai sub-division has created unsteadiness among the people. 

According to the details of the incident, two bikes collided head-on at 8:00 pm on Monday (29th January, 2024). 2 persons were injured in the head-on collision between two bikes and created this dangerous accident. One of the two bikers was seriously injured and the other escaped from the bike. Afterwards public informed the Khowai fire brigade personnel over this occurrence. The fire service personnel arrived on the spot, immediately rescued Ajay Namashudra (31) bike rider from the spot and brought him to Khowai District Hospital. As per the latest information, injured persons are undergoing treatment at Khowai District Hospital.

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