May 30, 2024


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Road Woes Hit People in Gandacherra.

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The people of Gandacherra are the great victim of road woes for last many years.​ For a long time, the means of communication in various rural areas of Gandacherra sub-division have become disorganized.​ Several times the bad pictures of those roads have been published in various media.​ For example, Gandacherra Amarpur Road, Gandacherra-Ambassa Road, known as the life line of Gandacherra sub-division, are becoming impassable.​ In addition, the Gandacherra Raisyabari road is in critical shape. Every day the car has to be pulled with a rope to cross.​ Eyewitnesses complained that the ambulance had to be stuck on the road with unconscious patients.​ Residents complain that due to the unscientific implementation of the concerned departmental staff, the common people are suffering.​

On Wednesday, a large team of officials of the Department of Public Works led by Principal Secretary Kiran Gitya reached Gandacherra.​ The team was attended by Chief Engineer Rajib Debbarma, Chief Engineer of PMGSY project, ADM along with District Officials. Around 12 am noon, MP Revati Tripura and MDC Bhumika Nanda Reang, the official team visited the road from Ramnagar to Mandir Ghat.​ Hig-hranking officials reviewed a part of that road.​ It is known that a year ago, the private company could not start work on a part of the road even though it got a quote.​ At once, Principal Secretary Kiran Gitya was angry with the contractor who got the citation.​ Sometimes he asks that agency to backlist, sometimes he asks to start work.​ It is worth noting that except for the first part and the third part of the long road of the PMGSY project, the department invited the tender for the work of eight kilometers of the road.​ A contractor said that if the office arranges transportation, the work will start as usual.​ Now the question is when the work of that road will start is uncertain. The local people of Gandacherra demanded immediate departmental initiative to renovate these roads for the safe and secured transportation movement of the subdivision.

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