April 20, 2024


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Road Woes Hit Severely To Badrai Para At Teliamura.

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The Badrai Para people are the worst victim of dilapidated roads in their village. Located Badrai Para of East Lakshmipur ADC Village under Mungiakami Rd Block, Teliamura. Villagers of Badrai area are facing daily problems due to bad roads. The alternative road from 43 miles to Badrai Para facing road woes for last many years. The people of the area are facing difficulties due to the lack of maintenance of the road from 43 miles to Badrai Para area which includes Haludiya ADC Village under Mungiakami Rd block. Mainly the people of the area travel along this road and bring various products of Jhum cultivation to Mungiakami or Teliamura market along the national highway. But for the last few years, this road has become unfit for travel due to lack of renovation.

The innocent poor villagers’ suffering knows no bound during in rainy season for this portion. The road is totally unfit, fully uneven, available holes here and there made it very disadvantageous for the villagers. During in rainy season when villagers return from market at night they cannot walk on the heaps of mud. On the other hand, emergency cases like delivery case, emergency patient case have to face constant difficulties in transportation. Patients have to carry mud or heavy loads on national highways.The concerned higher authority should investigate the road condition and consult with the local villagers to take a suitable initiative to renovate the road as much as possible, demanded the villagers.

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