May 28, 2024


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Road Woes Hit Severely To Sontang Village.​

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The Kaipeng people of Sontang are the worst victim of dilapidated roads in their village. The Kaipeng community dominated Sontang village located about 6 km away from Taidu PS, Ampinagar Gomati Tripura facing too much road woes for last many decades. About 7 km distance of their only village road is always deplorable throughout the years. From Polku road to Krishnahow Para via Sontang village about 7 km distance is very troublesome for communication. Apart that about 2.5 km distance of the road does not have brick soiling and in the rainy season it turns in very horrible state. Four wheelers or two wheelers no one can move on this road.

The innocent poor Kaipeng villagers’ suffering knows no bound during in rainy season for this portion. The road is totally unfit, fully uneven, available holes here and there made it very disadvantageous for the villagers. During in rainy season when villagers return from market at night they can not walk on the heaps of mud. Danaban Kaipeng, Lalremruata Kaipeng, Laldam Kaipeng and V.P Singh Kaipeng have raised strong allegation over this deplorable road condition. During the emergency cases like delivery case, emergency patient case etc villagers do not dispose vehicle because all drivers deny to drive on this risky road to spoil their vehicles.​ Village students are the worst victim for this melancholy road condition.

They accused the concerned authority and said, “Though our Kaipeng community is minor in population but we have constitutio­nal right to avail govt. amenity from the department. Then why the concerned authority does not take any initiative to repair the road for last many years?” The administration deny to provide amenity to this deprived community. They have demanded immediate renovation of this road before the coming monsoon season. The concerned higher authority should investigate the road condition and consult with the local Kaipeng villagers to take a suitable initiative to renovate the road as much as possible, demanded the Kaipeng villagers.

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