June 24, 2024


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Rubber Beneficiaries Awareness Program Organized.

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Ampi, 1st of June 2024 : To generate awareness & motivation amidst the rubber beneficiaries of Ampi Nagar the TRPC chairman P.K Jamatia has organized a beneficiaries inspiring programme here in Ampi Nagar town hall today where many scheme beneficiaries including MSME officer B.P Meena have participated in this event. To create inspiration over various government schemes through which good income source can be achieved was the main focus of the programme.

The TRPC chairman PK Jamatia has discussed over different kinds of profitable schemes which can be initiated by making beneficiary group and gain government amenity to run project. Rubber plantation, Agar plantation, sandal wood business, piggery, poultry, duck farming, fishery so on. She has instructed beneficiaries to submit beneficiary list to her to start project through the govt. approved scheme facilities. There are many probability to start small industry using raw materials that are available in Tripura. Incense stick, candle, dry bamboo shoot, soap making industry etc. The chairman has convinced the beneficiaries to initiate like this tiny  project to be self-help in life and generate good durable income source for their families which is better than government job.

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