July 17, 2024


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Samaj Kalyan Sangha Provided Wheel Chair To Disabled.

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Ampi, 26th of June 2024 : With the initiative of Samaj Kalyan Sangha of Ampinagar Shanti Para Bajrangbali Adoration programme has been organized here in Ampinagar in Gomati Tripura. On this auspicious occasion a large number of man, woman and children have gathered in the adoration venue and shared the festive pleasure each other.

The newly established Samaj Kalyan Sangha secretary Subrata Shill said, “Our newly established club is consisting 33 youngster members who are fully spirited and dedicated to serve and assist the society. Our genuine goal is to generate welfare for the society and always in promptness to stand beside the helpless.” The club volunteers have served hotchpotch to different places including Ampi market lanes and shared the happiness of the event. Through this auspicious occasion the club authority has done appreciable social work which was applauded by local villagers. By collecting donation from villagers the club committee has provided wheel chair to disabled person for easyer movement with safety.

On this Bajrangbali worshiping programme the committee has arranged miscellaneous programme segments to create enjoyable moments for the audience. Music chair competition amidst women, quiz competition among small children have beautified the entre event gorgeously. The children were found cheerful. At the end of the event prizes were distributed amidst the winners. Local villagers have appreciated the initiative and praised their philanthropic contribution for the society. 

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