April 20, 2024


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SCATFORM Project Generated Achievement At Taidu.

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Amarpur, 26th of March 2024 : The indigenous woman SHG at Taidu beat under Ampi Nagar range is gaining achievement in SHG projects. The JFMC beneficiaries of forest department, Amarpur Gomati Tripura is gaining appreciable achievement in various projects implementation in different VCs under Ampinagar RD block. As per the report, under the able guidance & supervision of Taidu beat officer Dharmajit Sinha under Ampi forest range many SHGs like Khachuksa Bwrwi Bodol, Khabaksa Mohila Dal, Khathangsa Bwrwi Bodol, Bhwkhwrwi Bwrwi Bodol have  obtained appreciable achievement in project implementation through loan management by the forest department of Tripura.

Sources said, targeting to business purpose Ampi forest range authority has provided Rs.100000 to each SHG to initiate business in their localities. After gaining loan support the SHGs had initiated piggery last year and within one year they have obtained profit. Today the concerned SHGs have returned the forest department their loans including interest from their projects profit.

One of the woman beneficiary said, “We had taken Rs.100000 last year for piggery  project for our SHG and today we have given back the loan amount to the loan lender forest department with interest. After restoration of our loan we have our personal access income too. We are willing to continue this piggery project in future too as it is proving our better livelihood by generating good income source for our family expenditure. We earnestly thankful to the concerned forest department for their generous assistance & tips for us to maintain our piggery project.” Through their aids and assistance for our piggery project  we have found a good way to generate financial income source for our family management. To implement our piggery project we have gained many technique experiences and enthusiasm. 

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