May 28, 2024


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School Health & Wellness Ambassadors Training Initiated.

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With the initiative of school inspectorate of Ampi Nagar a 5 day long School Health & Wellness  Ambassadors Training programme under Ayushman Bharat of the central government has been initiated here in Ampi Nagar BRC hall under Ampi Nagar block in Gomati Tripura today. Aiming to generate proper health related awareness amidst the rural school students through appropriate medical tips this training programme has been commenced.

According to the school authority this training programme will be helpful for our school students to attain genuine knowledge over their health. The Ampi Nagar 41 constituency MLA Pathanlal Jamatia has inaugurated the programme today in the presence of many distinguished persons in Ampi Nagar H/S School BRC hall. As per the report, health department will provide resource persons to impart health related lessons to school teachers first then trained teachers will teach health related lessons to their schools level in different areas through which good health related awareness amidst the rural students will be generated and students will be sensitive over their health.

Addressing the school teachers and parents the I.S of Ampi Nagar Sri Bishannahari Jamatia said, “We are always in promptness to create a healthy academic atmosphere here in our schools. We have to give priority to create awareness over students health. Only a healthy student can perform his/her fundamental duties perfectly as maintaining school with punctuality, regular  study with concentration, taking part in games and sports etc and able to approach towards his/her goal. We all teachers and students must take proper care of our health to stay healthy and inspire students to maintain healthy academic atmosphere for our appreciable academic consequence.”

Amidst the other distinguished participants there were Dr. Victor Deb, Ampi CHC, ADC I.S Siman Uchoi, Ampi Nagar H/S School H.M Bharat Debbarma, ADC Shibsonlian Kaipeng, I.S of Ampi Nagar Sankar Chandra Das and many others remained present in the programme.

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