July 16, 2024


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Scuffle Between IPFT & Motha Warriors In Ampi BAC Chamber.     

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A conflict Between IPFT & TIPRA Motha warriors took place in Ampinagar block BAC chamber in Gomati Tripura today. As per the report, when IPFT block chairman Sindhu Chandra Jamatia was in his office some TIPRA Motha activists have entered into the office and warned the BAC chairman to get out from the chamber as he is no more MLA in 41 constituency & BAC chairman also in the block. The IPFT youngsters present in the chamber opposed the excited Motha warriors and in this way there was a scuffle between these two regional parties.

Sources said, one woman from IPFT named Janataswari Kalai sustained injuries and was taken to hospital for treatment. In same way other some from both parties also affected by this excited scuffle. The name plate of the BAC chairman has been broken into pieces. The PS authority was also present in the chamber and somehow police control the situation. As per the administrative policy until a new BAC chairman selected previous BAC chairman would remain in power but TIPRA Motha doesn’t accept this IPFT BAC chairman. Sindhu Chandra Jamatia said that legally he is the BAC chairman in the block now but TIPRA Motha activists warned him not to come to block as a BAC block chairman any more.

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