May 30, 2024


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Six Villages Determined To Boycott Vote.               

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Ampi, 7th of April 2024 : Due to not availing government amenities total six villages have determined not to vote in the upcoming Lok Sabha election. As per the report of the press conference conducted by the villagers, Sontang no 1, Sontang no 2, Sontang no 3, Gandaek, Champatali and Nupanggrumva village under Ampi Nagar 41 constituency in Gomati Tripura decided to boycott the coming Lok Sabha election. No one will appear in any booth centre to give their valuable vote to any candidate in this Lok Sabha election.

Sources said, about 735 voters of these six villages are in great wrath specially for the dilapidated road in their locality which is lying in critical condition for last many decades. Deficiency of water management as well as electricity deprivation villagers have been suffering for last many years. These Kaipeng dominated villages have appealed many times to solve their village problems but no one of the administrative body cared them. The muddy roads, specially in monsoon period create boundless suffering for the villagers and school students.

One of the villagers said, “The political party leaders visit us only before every election and give us fraud expectation for all kinds of govt. amenities but after the election they all disappeared. We have been neglected for last many decades. It is our fundamental right to gain government amenities as we also providing taxes to government; then why we have to live in deprivation decade after decade without electricity, water and road? We, Kaipeng people are in miserable condition in poverty and it is the government responsibility to make us developed proportional with other communities in the state. To ignore a community how will come overall prosperity in the state? It is totally opposite phenomenon of ‘Sab Ka Sath, Sab Ka Bikash’! Until the government concentrate over our social problems we will not cooperate with the administration.” 

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