May 29, 2024


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SPO OF Ampi PS Is Missing.

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Ampi, 12th of May, 2024 : One SPO named Ovaram Reang, 46 of Ampi nagar PS is missing. Ampinagar PS personnel are searching him constantly but failed to detect him anywhere. As per the report, he went to work to his jhum cultivation with his wife in the morning today. After returning from cultivation his wife went home but he was outside near a small streamlet  which was full of rain water. Later on somebody local person informed PS authority that one dead body was seen in that streamlet in floating condition. Immediately PS officials ran to that streamlet which was full of rain water and garbage and started searching here and there but till evening no dead body has been found in that streamlet. His family members have confirmed that he is missing.

According to the locals, Ovaram Reang is not physically sound; may be due to physically weakness he has fallen into streamlet and floated away. S.I Bikram Debbarma said that till now they could not find his body but Investigation will be restarted. 

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