April 24, 2024


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SRSS Cultural Centre Appeared As A Boon.

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Ampi, 27th of February 2024 : The cultural centre running by Sadhak Ratanmoni Seva Sadan in Kanchanpur which is well known amidst the local inhabitants of the subdivision as Guruji Sanskar Sala has appeared as s great boon for the needy and deprived indigenous people of the locality. As per the report, by the patronization of Vishwa Hindu Parishad this Sanskar Sala has been constructed here in Babujoy Para in Kanchan Pur where culture and education are almost nil. Targeting to provide appreciable Sanskar and education to the helpless and neglected poor class this Sanskar Sala has been constructed here in this remote rural area.

The local villagers said, in the presence of many distinguished participants like Sri, Y. Raghobulu, VHP Sri Nandalal Huliya, Sri Rampada Jamatia, MLA of Bagma as well as many dignitaries from Gujarat it has been inaugurated by Sri Jagadish Bhai Bhaldev Bhai Patel, president of Omkar Seva Mission Charitable Trust, Kari Gujarat with the aim of culture and education acceleration amidst the poor of this remote rural area. The Omkar Seva Mandir Charitable Trust of Gujarat has special contribution over this philanthropic initiative. According to the public report, Sadhak Ratanmoni Seva Sadan is running 30 Sanskar Sala in different backward locations to provide education and cultural enlightenment to the deprived indigenous communities in Kanchan Pur subdivision. Every day villagers assemble in these cultural centres and gaining better quality education including arts of living lessons from the concerned SRSS resource persons.

The SRMSS secretary Sri Sudip Chakraborty has said, “The fundamental goal of our institution is to generate quality education and rich culture in backward indigenous communities. They have been neglected for last many decades. A country can’t be developed avoiding a single community as a body becomes defective for a small finger. It is an our selfesh  endeavour to promote culture and education for these ignorant inhabitants.”

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