May 30, 2024


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Students Open The Stalls As A Part Of Summer Camp Activities By Assam Rifles High School, Teliamura.

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With the initiative of Assam Rifles High School, Teliamura has taken a novel initiative to growth of the students’ in skills, establish relationships with the society, and strengthen them mentally. Assam Rifles High School organizes Summer Camp in the school every year during summer vacation. This year the theme of this summer camp is Skill Development. As a part of that, various stalls with various items made by the students opened on Friday (19th May, 2023) Ampi Chowmuhani in Teliamura through this camp. Other activities that aim to impart new skills and foster personal growth in children.

These stalls include various items made of bamboo cane, home decoration and girls’ clothing, various types of tree saplings, and also various food stalls. Principal of the school Anjana Hrangkhawl said that the theme of the summer camp this year is Skill Development. There children learn how to make different items with their own skills and sell them in the market to earn money.

Through this, the students have the opportunity to express their skills on the one hand and their confidence also increases. She also said that the money that will come from the sale of the items made by the students will be given to the children first. And with part of the profit, educational trips will be arranged for them by the school. Meanwhile, school authorities including the students of the school from all over Teliamura praised this initiative of the school.

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